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Questions I Ask Myself While Watching Lord of the Rings at 2.30am

How come, although they’re supposedly on this long and arduous journey, Sam never loses any weight? If the elves are immortal, how come they can die during battle? Why didn’t Elrond just push Isildur into the fires of Mount Doom? … Continue reading

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My Childhood in Books

I’ve been really enjoying “My Life in Books” on the BBC recently, and the many associated blog posts that have come out of it. It got me thinking about my own “life in books” but I couldn’t even get past … Continue reading

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How to blog?

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. I read a lot of blogs. I’ve recently started commenting more on blogs. But from what I can gather from other people’s blogs, the experience and interaction of blogging is richer and … Continue reading

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