How to blog?

I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while. I read a lot of blogs. I’ve recently started commenting more on blogs. But from what I can gather from other people’s blogs, the experience and interaction of blogging is richer and more interesting if you have a blog yourself and can fully interact with other bloggers.

So I figured I’d start a blog. Then I had to decide what to write about. I don’t think I’d be great at limiting myself to one subject. So I wondered what I would write about, and I thought about what the blogs I enjoy reading are about. Books, knitting, food, music, films, politics, feminism. And probably other things that I haven’t even thought about.

I know I don’t want my blog to be an archive of angry rants. The occasional one, fine, but the thing about the internet is that it’s so full of people being angry at each other, hurling abuse behind pseudonyms and generally being mean. I don’t want a blog like that. The best blogs I read are written by people who are passionate about their subjects, encourage polite discussion, and are positive. So despite not knowing entirely what I’ll be writing about, I at least want to attempt these things. I don’t want to focus on things that make me angry, although I’m sure I will write about that kind of thing too. I want to blog about the parts of life that make me happy, make me find the enjoyment in my days, as well as explaining the things I think are wrong with the world.

Here goes…

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